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Designer's Choice | Wrapped Bouquet in all colors

Designer's Choice | Wrapped Bouquet in all colors

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Explore the art of romance with our Designer's Choice Bouquet collection. Each unique arrangement is handpicked and expertly crafted, featuring a stunning array of roses in various shades. Choose the color and size that suits your loved one, and embrace a bespoke masterpiece. Note that the color palette may vary, ensuring each arrangement is a one-of-a-kind expression of love. As your local Chicago business, we're dedicated to delivering a personalized touch that elevates your Valentine's Day celebration. Order now and let the beauty of 'Designer's Choice' captivate those special moments.

Choose the perfect expression of love with our Designer's Choice Bouquet. Each variation includes:

    • Standard (S): A single variety of exquisite roses with another beautiful flower type., hand-tied for simple elegance. Complimentary vase included.

    • Deluxe (D): Two different rose varieties intertwined with another beautiful flower type. Complimentary vase for added charm.

    • Premium (P): Two distinct rose varieties, an additional stunning flower type, and lush foliage for a lavish display. Complimentary vase included.

  • Color Options: Red, Pink, Purple, White, Orange, Yellow.

    • Additionally, enjoy the personal touch with a customized message card created just for you!


    Please Note

    Kindly note that the color or shape of roses and vases may vary based on seasonal or market conditions. Our handcrafted arrangements by skilled designers may exhibit occasional variations. In such cases, substitutions will always be made with items of equal or higher value, ensuring your satisfaction.


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